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Why Laravel is Still Best in 2018

3 août 2017/websites/5 min. read

why Laravel still best Framework in 2018 ?

There are many things that we don’t know about Laravel and that’s why we will discuss why Laravel is the best framework and we will show some of the cool features.

Do you want start ?

But before Laravel is created by Tailor Otwell is on the top first PHP developer.

  • Laravel have a greate community meetups called Laracon. it generally conducts on different big cities of all over the countries.
  • Job oriented : You can create anythings you want from Laravel and that’s why is so demanding and that’s why the jobs are never going to end from Laravel.
  • Biyeraly update system : Laravel update biyearly every six months almost its releases it’s own new version.
  • Packages : Laravel have many official packages, unofficial packages and auto  Packages Discovry.

So that’s the cool features 🙂 and if you looking for developer of Laravel so don’t hesitate to contact me.


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